8K Stainless Steel Coil

Класс: 201/304/316ЛЕТ/И 310S/ 2205 и так далее
Ӱмбал: No.8 Mirror Finish
Стандарт: АЅТМ А240
Кӱжгыт: 0.076мо-28мм
Этимологий: ПОСКО, ТИСКО,Д

Тиде жапыште лиймея торык уке, тиде складыш.

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Reasons to Choose Qukin 8K Stainless Steel Coil:

You might wonder why you choose Qukin HL stainless steel sheet instead of others. The answer is simple. It’s because our Polished Stainless Steel Sheet is simply the best of the best.

Here are some reasons:
1. Raw Material
Our coil is originated from Taiwan, Krupp, Columnbia, Baosteel, ТИСКО, and other major steel production of high quality stainless steel. If coil is not from a good standard factory, the coils surface may have some problems, especially for the edge. They are not easily leveled and processed, after processing, there will be some vertical strips which make the surface not expected. Here is an example to show the bad finished surface is due to the material origin.

laser-film for no4 stainless steel sheetNote: these white strips cannot be removed by polishing.

In the processing, sandbelt working time is a key factor for controlling the surface quality. If the sandbelt is new, the polished lines will be very rough and thick, and have less reflective effect.After the sandbelt has been used for a long time depending on the quality of the sandbelt,the polished strips maybe too shallow,which cannot reach the expected effect.
Mirror-finished stainless steel sheet

After the surface processing, choosing the PVC film will have much influence on afterwards application. We have several kinds of film to be choosen, and they are suitable for different application. The film not only serves as a protection but also affect the afterwards processing.

>>Laser film
Laser film is considered to be one of the best film. The thickness is at least 10c. Laser film normally has higher melting degree than other film, which will not be melted and sticked on the surface after heat treatment. Here is an example of normal film after heat treatment.(Please confirm the downstream processing, and then decide which film is to be applied.)

laser-film for no.4 stainless steel sheet

>>Black and white film imported from other countries except China
black and white film for no4 stainless steel sheet

This kind of film cannot undertake high temperature treatment, but it is relatively thicker and more sticky than Chinese Origin film. It can be used in most mechanical process and have a good performance.

>>Transparent blue film and Chinese black and white film
blue-film for no4 stainless steel sheet

These two kinds of film are relatively not considered to be good qualified, which means they are not very sticky, and not thick enough. The thickness ranges from 2c to 10c. Most customers apply these film in many ordinary processing. When the downstream need bending, or deep drawing, the film may suffer from cracking.


The Specification of Qukin 8K Stainless Steel Coil

  • Ойыртем: flexibility, perfection in results and maximum operating speed, lower costs, reduced lead times and consistent quality of its product
  • Alloys: various 200, 300 & 400 series stainless steel grades and other nickel based alloy (201, 304Л, 316Л, 321, 409Л, 440С, 2507, 2205, s31803, s31500, 347Ч, 904Л,да т. д.)
  • Raw Material: the supply of raw materials is a key issue for the Yieh United steel industry, and our stainless steel is 100 percent recyclable.
  • Types of finishes: bright and easily maintained surface:
    -Mill finishes: 1D/1E – hot rolled plate, 2Д (annealed and pickled finish), 2Б (skin passed finish), BA or 2BA (bright annealed)
    -Mechanically polished finishes: ground – 1G hot rolled / 2G cold rolled, dull buffed – EN NO.2J for cold rolled, 1J for hot rolled / 2J for cold rolled, bright polished, mirror polished, No.4/No.6(Гл)/No.7/No.8 (8К) finishes
    -Special finishes: electroplating or electrodepositing, textured, patterned, colouring, metal spraying, paint/enamel, electro polishing
  • PVC Films: laser film, black and white film, transparent blue film
  • Packaging: allowing our stainless steel coil to be used in rigorous environments. Plywood pallets and boxes are available based on requirement from customers. Reinforced bondage guarantee the pallets from being crashed.
  • Приложений: high corrosion resistance, hygienic, non-porous surface with easy cleaning ability makes it primary choice of applications that require the strict hygiene control, such as hospitals, kitchens, and other food processing plants.
  • Record Tracking System: with Qukin Record Tracking System, every detail concerns with Payment Info, Production Arrangement, Quality Control Test, Package Confirmation, MTC, Loading Arrangement will be sent to you automatically.
  • Организаций-влак: Qukin Corporation has signed a long term cooperation with the world third largest forwarder, CMA, which will gurantee the effiency of logistics arrangement.
  • Special requests are accepted:customized logo, shipping mark, package type, and other processing service are flexibly available.

Innovative Technology

The Innovative Technology of Qukin 8K Stainless Steel Coil

At Qukin Corporation, Qukin Corporation never stop improving and developing our technologies to go beyond our customer’s expectations.
Qukin Corporation strive towards these goals to produce reliable products and ensure they can be fully utilized throughout their lifetime. In 2013, Qukin Corporation have sucessfully induced Timesaver coil grinding facility from Italy.

1. Raw coil holding.

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-coil uploading

2. Three Grinding Procedures.

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-grinding processes

3. Surface Checking

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-surface checking

4. Film Attaching

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-film attaching

5. Вӱдылаш.

No.4 Stainless steel coil-shanghai yieh united corporation-packing

Кугемеш-шергаканем обслуживатлыме

The Value-added Service of Qukin 8K Stainless Steel Coil

Факультет шкешотан улмыж да катушкым кажне отрасль шке рӱдаҥдыме вурсым спецификация. Ме шукын ешартыш полышым темлат, йодмаш дене келыштарен ыштыме манын палемдыме кужытлан шукташ манын, лӱмжым муын да йодеш материал. С 13 бизнес ийыште, мемнан профессионал командыже пунчалым кычалаш манын, тендам йодына келше.

Qukin Пуышо Партнер-влак Лийже Тендан Корпорацийда!

Катушка Лышташ Рӱдаҥдыме Вурсым/Сола Мемнан кундем гыч да пӱчкын рӱдаҥше вурс дене кертна конусӱй/лист forwelding але вес пашажым ыштен.
Рӱдаҥдыме ВурсымКатушка/Лист Шлифоватлыме Ме рӱдаҥдыме вурсым суаплыкым пуышо керт шлифоватлымаш катушка вурс/листманын, клиентын йодмыжым шуктат плоскостность .
Рӱдаҥдыме ВурсымКатушка/Лист Ягылтарыме Мемнан рӱдаҥдыме вурсым катушка вурс/листшымартыме марте лийын кертеш #4 поляк, #6 поляк,#7поляк, але #8 воштончыш обрабатыватлалташ. Тыгак тудын ик але кок могыр гыч веле лийын кертеш ягылташ.
Рӱдаҥдыме ВурсымКатушка/Лист Перфорационный Мемнан рӱдаҥдыме вурсым пефорированный катушка вурс/листтолын holeshapes ойыро, шаблон кугытшо, вискалыме прибор да сорта. Тыгайже тудын нимучашдыме кучылташ asenclosures,ужашыже, знакым шындымаш панельыште, орол, экран, шукырак.
Рӱдаҥдыме ВурсымКатушка/Лист Лазер Пӱчкеден Лазер йӧн ме, мемнан пайдале машина продвинутый технологически, экономике кугу писылык да пайдале форма профилирование катушка вурс/листмо сай йӧным ыштеныт да яндар пӱчкыш оксид обрабатыватлалташ.
Рӱдаҥдыме ВурсымКатушка/Лист Пӱчкеда Гидроабразивный Мемнан темлымаш рӱдаҥдыме вурсым катушка вурс/листдинамик геометрийын ужашыже пӱчкеден обрабатыватлыше неле гидроабразивный.
Рӱдаҥдыме ВурсымКатушка/Лист Тӱрлеман Рельефан мемнан рӱдаҥдыме вурсым туржын, корзинкаш дене сӱретлаш тиде шотышто рельефан,квадратан сӱретым сӱретлаш але ромбовидный.
Рӱдаҥдыме Вурсым Катушка/Листӱзгар-влак Мемнан темлымаш рӱдаҥдыме вурсым гыч тӱрлӧ декоративно катушка вурс/лист, мутлан, воштончыш гыч рӱдаҥдыме вурсым катушка вурс/лист, рӱдаҥдыме вурсым чараэмаш катушка вурс/лист,рӱдаҥше гыч тӱсым леведе катушка вурс/лист, рӱдаҥдыме вурсым луктеш катушка вурс/лист, рӱдаҥдыме вурсым ленте гыч чытырыктен катушка вурс/лист, обрабатыватлалташ пудештме рӱдаҥдыме вурсым шарикше катушка вурс/лист, щёткым рӱдаҥдыме вурсым тамга обрабатыватлалташ катушка вурс/лист, шукырак.
Рӱдаҥдыме ВурсымКатушка/Лист Heatreating & Отжиг Ме кертына heatreat 410 - 17-рӱдаҥше вурс 4ph койышыж вашталтын механике. Южо случайыште, кокымшо отжиг 300 серий дене кӱлеш семын кучылтын кертат.

Вӱдылмӧ Да Логистика

The Logistics and Packing of 8K Stainless Steel Coil

Our stainless steel products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customers requests.