Stainless steel paper interval ABC
paper interval is very important for stainless steel, especially cold-rolled stainless steel, whether it is steel coil or steel plate, need to place paper interval. The purpose is very clear, that is, to protect the stainless steel surface.

Because the surface of stainless steel is very high compared to ordinary carbon steel, it can not have any scratches, bumps, creases, because these will lead to product scrap. At this time, the protective effect of the paper interval on the board surface is shown.

However, due to the very high surface requirements of stainless steel, the following points should be noted when selecting and using paper interval:

1, choose excellent craft paper
In general, the quality of recycled paper from steel coils is acceptable, but in the recycling process, the paper may wrinkle, or the overlap of tape connections, etc., which may affect the board surface;

2, do not use damp paper
If the water content of the paper is too high, it may stick on the surface of the board. If it is too long, it will be difficult to remove;

3, paper interval to be flat
During the process of opening the plate, especially the thin plate (below 0.4mm), we must pay attention to the flatness of the pad. Any folds of a piece of paper will bring the paper indentation to the plate.

4, paper interval can not be too narrow
If the roll paper is stripped, the cushion paper will be too wide and not too narrow. If the paper thickness is too narrow, it will have a great impact on the winding.