Beware of metal burns

Beware of metal burns

1. Recently, there was such a message in the WeChat circle of friends. When an American girl was playing in the playground, she suddenly burst into tears. The mother who chatted on the side hurriedly ran over and found that the girl’s sole had a blisters on her feet. After the blisters broke, the feet showed peeling, redness and other scald symptoms.

The culprit is the outdoor metal slide that the little girl plays. In the sun, the temperature of the metal part of the slide rises sharply, and the little girl walks barefoot on it, in direct contact with the hot metal, and the tender skin is burnt. In the summer, metal climbing frames, slides and fitness equipment are prone to skin burns, especially for children’s skin.

2, In fact, the “heat level” of plastic fitness equipment, really do not lose to metal. According to the test, the surface temperature of the plastic slide reached 63.7 ° C at 12 noon.

3, Now,every household has air-conditioners. However, the heat generated by the air conditioner plug-in is also a major murderer of the child. Many storefronts use some large air conditioners, and the heat output is often much more than ordinary air conditioners. There is no safety cover outside these air conditioners, and it is a minute to burn children (especially naughty children)!

4, Some cars just back from the outside, or in the parking space and other people do not have a stalled car, the exhaust pipe of these cars exudes heat. The child is short and moving, and it is easy to hold the hand on the exhaust pipe while playing, and it is burnt by the hot exhaust pipe.