Liuzhou Iron and Steel gold nickel iron smelting project ranked guangxi breakthrough key project

Recently, in 2019 to promote the implementation of major projects in the crucial breakthrough year activities, the autonomous region development and reform commission issued 2019 “a crucial breakthrough in the key project list” in 2019 in the crucial breakthrough project summary, important documents, such as locating Yu Yulin longtan industry park of liuzhou iron &steel group co.are presented.the cicc 5 million tons of stainless steel base (phase I) – nickel iron smelting project among. The total investment of the project is 5.6 billion yuan, and it is mainly to build the comprehensive material yard, sintering machine, blast furnace and other related supporting facilities. This project is an important part of liusteel group to implement coastal strategy and build “one body and two wings” steel territory, which will lay a solid foundation for liusteel group to lay a production base of 5 million tons of stainless steel in longtan industrial park.