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checker plate processing

checker plate processing

Investor Name:
Jues Harber
Published Date:
3,000,000 $
Jues Harber
About Project

Checker plate processing is normally used in different public infrastructure to guarantee the safety like airport.



1:Embossed type(Width≤1750mm)

Item Thickness(mm) height(mm) Note(Type of tread)
1 1.0—1.2 1.5—1.8 Large type length×width(35×8mm)
2 1.5—2.0 1.4—1.6 Center point distance (different rows):35mm,
3 3.0 1.0—1.3 Cent point distance(same row):40mm,
4 4.0 0.6—0.9 Small type length×width(24×6mm)
5 5.0 0.5—0.6 Center point distance (different rows):35mm
6 6.0 Cent point distance(same row):35mm


Here are two stainless steel checker plate samples of long bean type but with different sizes.

stainless steel checkered plate1 stainless steel checkered plate2

a. Large type length×width(35×8mm) b. Small type length×width(24×6mm)


2. Embossed height and size(width≤1500mm,without a limit)

Item Thickness(mm) height(mm) Note(Specification)
1 1.0—3 1.5—2.0 Same row d: 60mm; same column d:100mm., Checker l:35mm
2 3.0—5.0 1.2—1.8 Same row d: 60mm; same column d:100mm., Checker l:35mm


stainless steel checkered plate3


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